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Let’s not fool ourselves, most guys in their 20s or even late teens have regular casual sex, so I am not here to preach total abstinence from sex. I am here to speak on the benefits of abstaining from sex for a period of time (maybe 4-8 weeks) and then going back to it. The benefits are enormous. Oh, and to the ladies, I am a guy, so I can’t authoritatively speak on the benefits for females, that is why this article is just for men.

The abstinence I am talking about is- no form of sexual acts at all; no penetration sex and no masturbation of any sort. You have to retain that sexual energy…retain your juice. So, that means, no pornography; whether via pics, video, or even literature.

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Below are 7 advantages of abstinence- for men.

1. Mastering Self Control
There are a lot of men that can’t control their sexual urges out there. I mean, well respectable men in the society like priests, pastors, teachers, professors, and bankers who get into one sexual scandal or the other because of lack of self control. I am sure you have read the countless stories; they flood social media daily. The problem is that if you don’t learn self control as a man, you are at high risk of getting involved in a messy sex scandal case.

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Practicing temporal abstinence from sex will help you build self control. Once you can train your mind to say NO to sex when your body is craving it badly, you will start to build up a strong self control when it comes to matters concerning sex. And the best way to do that is to set a time frame in which you would not have sex even if the opportunity presents itself. It is very hard to practice total celibacy (that’s why catholic priests keep getting involved in one sexual scandal or the other), but temporal abstinence of 1-3 months is very achievable. I like to be very realistic.

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