Below are 31 powerful quotes from Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House On The Rock Church on Sunday 12th February, 2017 on the message titled: “THE GOD OF THE TWO-HANDED BLESSING”.
Pastor Paul Adefarasin
1.  Some of the hurt and harm you suffered were part of God’s plan to expedite His plan for your life.
2.  The famine was the favour of God upon Joseph because he was the answer to the problem.
3.  You have to thank God for the bad things too, because sometimes, the bad things are what make you an important person.
4.  Don’t curse your season of famine, because in it is your favour.
5.  Joseph became the economic engineer of Egypt. He became the head where he was once the tail; Joseph stood in favour.
6.  When God gives you favour in the season of famine, you live in abundance while others are suffering.
7.  The famine was what gave Joseph a job.
8.  Jobs and careers exist because of problems. If you hate problems, you will remain unemployed.
9.  Sometimes, you could go through situations and may want to throw in the towel, but if God spoke it, He will bring it to pass.
10.  Some of us are either left or right-handed. God is neither left nor right-handed because there is no variableness in Him.
11.  You might be passing through testing times but you need to know that you are favoured.
12.  You know you are favoured like Joseph when you keep rising to the top no matter the place they put you.
13.   You praise God the way you do because you have favour.
14.  When the Bible says the hand of God was on someone, it simply means the favour of God was on them.
15.  Whilst you see God strong with His right hand, realize that His doing something with His left hand that is not perceptible.
16.  Joseph was blessed by God on His right hand. On His left hand side, God was pulling Jacob and his family to Joseph.
17.  God is blessing you on the right hand while He is pulling something your way on the left hand that you cannot see.
18.  The blessing of the left hand of God are as awesome as the blessing of His right hand.
19.  God is the God of the two-handed blessing. If you look after His purpose, He will bless you.
20.  Even when It looks like God is not there, He is working in a realm that is hidden from your understanding.
21.  You need to know that out of your pain will come power and out of your grief will come glory.
22.  The trouble is changing something in you and after it has finished, you will come out as pure gold.
23.  Out of the realm of your perception, God is arranging something for you, Just keep being faithful at what you are doing.
24.  Joseph was faithful in that which was another man’s.
25.  In fulfilling Pharaoh’s dream on the right hand, God fulfilled Joesph’s dream on the left hand side.  So God shows us His obvious right hand of blessing but doesn’t show us the left. Even when you don’t understand God, His left hand is not weaker than right. It’s working together for Good
26.   Don’t just praise God for what you can see, praise God for what you cannot see.
27.  Don’t sit on your gifts. Use your gifts to serve somebody’s destiny and watch what God will do with yours.
28.  God didn’t bless you with the abundance of Pharaoh’s palace for you alone. He blessed you for all Egypt & for the whole world.
29. When you are favoured, God fights your battles, moves your mountains and makes a way for you where there seems to be no way.
30.  Don’t let that unfulfilled dream rob you of your faithfulness to God by doing your reasonable service.
31.  When you are favoured, the enemy will be busy overtime trying to make you feel like you aren’t favoured.

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