Angry Coach Headbutts His Own Player During Furious Row During Match. Photos

Huesca head coach Anquela headbutted one of his own players during a Segunda Division play-off match on Saturday. The incident occurred during Huesca’s second leg against Getafe. The winner of the tie would progress to the final with the victors plying their trade with the likes of Real Madrid in La Liga next season.

Huesca boss Anquela headbuts own player

After the first leg leg ended 2-2 both sides had everything to play for.

Huesca suffered the first blow, conceding shortly after the half hour mark. With the score still the same in the 60th minute, Anquela decided to ring some changes.

The 59-year-old decided sub veteran midfielder David Lopez – and the 34-year-old was not happy about it.

After high-fiving his replacement and kicking a bottle, the former Brighton star then unleashed his frustration on Anquela.

Clearly wanting to assert his authority, Anquela approached Lopez and proceeded to shout at the player before throwing his head forward.

Lopez falls back into the dugout, followed by his manager, and both are seperated by staff and players.

Huesca went on to lose the game 3-0. Getafe will face either Tenerife or Cadiz in the final on June 24.

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