Female Contortionist Becomes Online Sensation After Sitting On Her Own Head (Photos)

A contortionist has become an online hit after footage of her sitting on her own head was watched tens of thousands of times. A video shows Allison Schieler, also known as ‘Bomchicka_wawa’ on Instagram, performing the pose – which involves arching the back so the B.uttocks are resting on the head – at a burlesque club in New York.


The 25-year-old from Queens started dancing when she was three and learnt the position, known as ‘head sitting’, when she was a child.

The video, shot at Duane Park NYC and viewed over 120,000 times, shows Schieler on a rotating podium bending over backwards, doing hand stands and performing the splits while sitting on her head.

Although she has studied dance and acrobatics, majoring in dance at college, she has no formal contortion training.

She taught herself many of the poses using circus videos online.

Despite her thorough preparation, she said ‘awkward’ mishaps sometimes occur during performances.

Schieler said performing makes her feel ‘confident and $exy’ and that her boyfriend is supportive of her art form.

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