Guys!! Checkout The 5 Lies She Tells From The Beginning And You Believe

Just as you fine-tune your resumé to impress potential employers, you also embellish some personal details on a first date to boost your odds of scoring a second date with a girl and that girl probably did too and chances are, she still kept a few ruses going ever since.

Here are some lies that your girl might have told you from the beginning.

1. “I’m a huge sports fan”: Although there are plenty of genuine female sports lover but many ladies are just forming sports fanatics and only sit in front of the television watching sports just to please their man. “Some women believe that to keep a guy interested, she must love what he loves”.

2. “I’m always in the mood”: “She couldn’t keep her hands off you in the early stages of your relationship, but now it’s a precedent she worries about keeping up, women are very much aware of their partner’s sensitivity in this area and don’t want to do anything to bruise their egos but obligatory s3x doesn’t make for orgasms or an emotional connection”.

3. “It’s cool you have female friends”: “In theory, ladies love men with platonic female friends but in reality, guy-girl friendships can cause a lot of jealousy, it is natural to have some degree of jealousy when you care about someone, it’s instinct”.

4. “I am not expensive”: A low-maintenance girl never says it out but if your partner does not lay down any rules and always says she’s “cool” with whatever, something could be up. “She could be afraid of coming off as difficult, demanding, or, yes, high-maintenance and while no woman is going to kick off a first date with a list of demands, if you’re getting serious and still haven’t heard them, that’s a problem”.

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5. “I’m fine”: “Despite what it seems, she’s not trying to be passive-aggressive, she’s genuinely trying to hide that she’s upset, “Saying ‘I’m fine’ can be easier than telling the truth, because she knows telling the truth risks making you defensive or angry or that you won’t understand”. “But bottling in her feelings—even if they’re less than logical—can spell more trouble down the road”.

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