Iyabo Ojo blasts the person who took photo of Moji Olaiya’s dead body

News of Moji Olaiya’s death broke yesterday and everybody was in shock, few hours later, a photo started circulating online showing the corpse of Moji Olaiya on a hospital bed, and that was what made many people believe that the Nollywood actress has actually gone. Moji Olaiya died at 42, two months after giving birth.


The viral picture of her corpse has however angered one of her colleagues, Iyabo Ojo, who sees the person who took the picture as a mocker, mocking the death of the actress.

Iyabo Ojo’s Instagram post reads:

“Dying is a private moment and it is very callous of whoever was with her to have snapped that picture of her on her death bed…. That person must have been somebody she trusted but alas!!! Even in DEATH she was BETRAYED!!! @mojisolaabikeade You have been BETRAYED. @RepostIt_app pls pls pls we begging u all in d name of God, most especially our dear bloggers, stop posting pictures of her corpse, pls use her life pictures if u most, remember her teenage daughter & mum, plssss take it down plsss, thanks. bless us all, odun o jinu si ra”

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