In a rare show of love and support, plus-sized Nollywood actress, Ifeoma Okeke, has weighed in on Tonto Dikeh’s marriage crisis, scolding her colleague and her hubby for allowing their marriage issues to get to this level of interviews and counter interviews. She also used her medium to ask people to give them space in order to sort out their issues, but not without revealing her own experience of domestic violence.

According to Ify, she is disappointed in Tonto’s husband, Oladunni Churchill for not being matured or even trying to find a way to resolve their issue, instead of joining issues with Tonto Dikeh in the media just to protect his name and brand.

Writing further, the actress who empathises with Tonto’s domestic violence stories he recalled being a victim of domestic violence herself. Giving an insider scoop, she shared how Tonto Dikeh called her one day to tell her she was sick. And when she got to her house, she saw bruises on her body and some photos of her with bruises on her phone.

Hear her:

I am upset and tayad of this Drama. @tontolet you know my stand in this whole issue, that’s why am so upset with you & that isn’t gonna change but @bigchurchhaven I am more disappointed at you because I expected you to be more matured & try look for a way to make up with your WIFE as you just called her in the video. Both of you are just making others rich with your private life suddenly everyone is a blogger & has opinions. I want to address this issue because I was once battered & I lied to my friends & siblings. Even, when my younger brother incidentally saw one I claimed I was at fault, I was depressed, I grew this big because of it. I was never this big. I started drinking & hated men for everything. I didn’t date for 5years before I could move on, this is part of the reason I started PURPLE CAMPAIGN.

1 Day in 2015, @tontolet me that I should come around that she was very sick. So I rushed to her house & I saw her very sick also noticed bruises I was shocked but a usual Ifeoma doesn’t ask questions. That same day, she showed me the Ring OLA gave her & gave me the good news of her pregnancy, I was so happy but while gisting I was checking her phone, an iPhone 6 gold. I saw pictures of her naked self with bruises and I quickly asked “Booboo, I hope he doesn’t beat you? Or what’s with this picture?” Tonto replied “NOOOOO, I fell down the stairs because I was alone at home & very sick.” I didn’t believe her but I told her, please don’t take whatever you won’t take later now. I left home with the joy of her engagement & pregnancy. Now my point, OLA have you beaten TONTO before YES bcos she confirmed it,Tee can be called all sort of names but she’s a wonderful girl. Whom, I saw did a lot things to make you happy & I remember the last time I saw you guys in Lagos, I knew something was wrong but usually she cover it.

When this whole drama started, I begged Tee to hold on, I was angry she choose to talk but if I can preach to other to talk & get help why will I say no to someone I see as a kid sister? I really wanted things to change but with the rate this is happening I have chosen to break my silent and support my own. YOU GUYS NEED HELP, PLEASE GET 1‎

For what it’s worth, Ify’s intervention comes in as a rare intervention in this marriage imbroglio. It remains to be seen whether the warring parties will see reason and understand what she is truly trying to achieve with her post. Even though Nollywood have been largely silent on the travails of Tonto’s marriage, reactions on her social media space and as well as her hubby’s suggest many people want them together?

Question is what will it take to get a truce? May be Ify’s intervention will do the magic?

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