Pela Tonye Okiemutie: Meet the man responsible for bleaching many Nigerians (Photos)  

A survey showing top African countries whose women undergo skin bleaching recently went viral, putting Nigeria on top of the list with at least 77% of women in the country bleaching! Now thats a hell of a statistic, and although I am not one to believe such claims, I can surely introduce you to one person who probably is responsible for bleaching most Nigerian men and women!

Nigerian cosmetologist, Pela Tonye Okiemutie, ‘the bleaching expert’, could probably compete with TB Joshua when it comes to the world or miracles. His cosmetological miracles include his own personal journey through bleaching, as well as helping many

Nigerians and indeed people around the world realize the dreams of having a lighter skin tone.

The business of whitening lotion is a multi-million dollar business which some businessmen have already built an empire around.

Pela is not an exception; he has been reported to own a multi-million-naira mansion in Lagos.

His Pels International Skincare business include products as well as a spa, where clients can get personal pampering.

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