Shock as Married Woman Possessed by the Devil Caught Floating in the Air

An Italian man has been allowed to divorce his wife after claiming in court she is ‘possessed by the devil’.

According to The Sun UK reports,  court in Milan heard the woman has experienced “inexplicable behaviour” and unusual phenomena including levitation for a decade.

It was this behaviour that led the man to claim she must be possessed and he proceeded with his moves for a divorce.

The woman’s sister, a priest and a Capuchin monk also confirmed the spooky behaviour.

They even come forward to say she threw a church pew towards the altar with just one hand, according to The Local.

Others also claimed that the woman had been able to float off the ground.

The judge decided that the events could not be linked to illness, as doctors and psychiatrists said she was healthy.

Exorcists were also called to help her over the years, however this did not work.

The judge therefore granted a no-fault divorce to the pair, who have two children.

Italy had no provision for divorce until 1970 however, legislation which came into force last year made it easier and quicker to end marriages quickly leading to a 57 per cent rise in the divorce rate.

Now only one year of official separation is necessary before couples can begin divorce proceedings, or six months in the case of a separation by mutual consent.

Until then, couples had to be officially separated for three years.

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