S*X STORY::: Short and Sweet: Sleeping with my man

As soon as I pulled down his boxers, my man’s beautiful d.!ck sprang free. I sat there looking for a few minutes before I even touched it.

While Jide was having dinner in the sitting room, I came to sit beside him. I kept him company as he ate and when he finished, we lounged on the sofa to watch a movie.

It was a really erotic film and I peeped down to see his arousal, clearly from what he was watching. I smiled up at him as I pushed a hand down to unzip his trousers.

As soon as I pulled down his boxers, my man’s big, beautiful d.!ck sprang free. I just sat there looking for a few minutes before I even touched it. It looked so beautiful!

A crystal pearl of precum glistened on the tip. And his balls were amazing too. So powerful looking.

Finally, I couldn’t resist any longer. I reached down with my left hand and started jerking him. I started rubbing him slowly but soon I started to get into it and got turned on.

I jerked him faster and faster, keeping my palm toward the top of his d.!ck, just under the head, where I knew all the feeling was.

And I loved the way his fantastic balls moved up and down in time with my jerking. His sack was tight around them, holding them firm, the imprint of them clear and hard. It looked like he had two golf balls in there.

I still don’t know what there was about this man that made me unable to resist him, but it felt great to know I had the power to thrill him as long as I had this colossal C@.ck in my hands.

He moaned hard as I jerked him even harder, pumping my forearm up and down, sliding my hand from the bottom of the shaft (the heel of my hand touching the top of his balls) all the way up to the head of his Pen.!s, gathering precum to smear over him to grease the strokes.

“Are you ready to cum like you’ve never cum before?” I asked him and kissed his mouth hard and passionately.

He nodded and adjusted himself in the seat. I licked his ear and began jerking his massive Pen.!s again for all I was worth. My hand was flying up and down. He lifted his ass off the chair and thrust it up for me, giving me even better access. “Come on, Jide!” I whispered. “Do it for me! Make that big thing shoot for me! Let me see that cum fly out of you.”

All of a sudden, I felt that fantastic steel tower of a C@.ck start to spasm so much that it actually made my arm jerk involuntarily. I could literally not hold it still.

He put his head back, closed his eyes and began to moan from way deep down in the core of him. I felt an astounding ecstatic rush of power surge through me, knowing I was making this huge C@.ck deliver its payload.

And he let go with what seemed like gallons. The first ‘shot’ gushed up more than three feet in the air – an enormous mass of thick cream that did indeed spray stool in front of him.

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The second one was almost as big as the first and with the same amazing velocity. Part of this spurt also splattered the center table.

There were at least four more in quick succession and by the end, there was thick white-ish liquid all over my hand, all over his d.!ck, all over the seat, and on the floor in front of us.

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