Ten Female Celebs That May Or May Not Be Bleaching

Ten Female Celebs Who Have Been Accused Of Bleaching

Ten Female Celebs That May Or May Not Be Bleaching

Asides from being in an Industry largely dominated by men, the women in the Nigerian entertainment industry constantly have to endure the speculations and bashing sometimes tossed their way.

And even though some of these things come with the territory, the public would argue that most of the backlash is some sort of chain reaction.

Not one or two female celebrities have been accused of bleaching in the past and even though most of them are usually thought to be Yoruba Actresses, you’d be surprised at who else has been accused of lightening up their skin.

Cynthia Morgan

I am not sure there is any female celebrity who has received as much backlash as Cynthia Morgan received when photos of her looking lighter emerged a few years ago.

While working on rebranding herself with a new label, Cynthia found out that the public was not going easy on her when her photos appeared.

And she constantly trended for her supposed skin lightening than her music at the beginning.

The I’m Taken Singer did address the speculations at a time, saying she was taking care of her skin and that was it.

But Nigerians were not buying that.

Cynthia Morgan
Cynthia Morgan: The Singer went under fire for allegedly bleaching her skin

Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh is not a newcomer to criticism and controversies. In fact, you’d probably remember her last controversy before you remember the name of her last movie.

However, the recently married actress is not fazed by all of these.

And neither was she fazed when she was accused of bleaching her skin numerous times. Tonto who seemed lightskinned before the fame, was accused of enhancing the color to a paler skin tone.

The Sugar Rush Singer who has shared photos of her after receiving Spa treatments (most recent from Freda Francis’ owned Oasis Med Spa in Ikoyi) has neither confirmed or denied bleaching her skin.

Tonto Dikeh
The recently married Actress paid the skin bleaching rumors no attention

Toke Makinwa

The OAP’s most recent scandal might be from her marriage but way before then, the most popular scandal trailing her was her skin color.

A few years ago, after Toke came into our consciousness, many people branded her a “bleacher” and did not go easy on the media personality.

And the closest she ever got close to discussing it was in an interview with Liz Yemoja where she never really owned it.

One thing she said clearly though, was whatever she did it was her business.

Well said, Toke.

Toke Makinwa

Rukky Sanda

The Actress is one of the people who had to endure the “She’s bleaching” backlash from the public.

But unlike most of her colleagues, Rukky stated clearly that she was born fair and she’d do everything to maintain her skin tone.

According to her, it is her and “her cream”.

Rukky Sanda
The outspoken Actress explained she was born fair and would do anything to take care of her skin

Iyabo Ojo

She belongs to the arm of Nollywood that gets easily bashed and so she was probably prepared for the bleaching allegations she received (and is probably) still receiving.

The Actress/Producer is one of the Yoruba Actresses who has been accused the most of bleaching.

Iyabo Ojo
The Yoruba Actress is one of many in her arm of Nollywood to be accused of lightening her skin tone

Tayo Sobola

Probably the only celebrity who has admitted to being born dark skinned, the pretty actress does however claim she got fairer “as she grew older”.

Not sure if her claim is that the process of skin lightening is natural but she definitely lands on this list because she has been accused of brightening her skin tone.

The Actress has admitted that she was not born with a fair skin
The Actress has admitted that she was not born with a fair skin

Toyin Lawani

The Celebrity stylist does not care to defend her actions for the public and we already know that.

So, she would probably never admit what happened to her skin tone. Besides, the pretty mama of two runs a business empire that includes skin care products, so talking about whether she bleached or not might never be a topic she’d ever fully discuss.

But, she has been accused many times over of bleaching her skin. Her and her baby Daddy.

The Celebrity Stylist would probably never fully discuss her skin tone
The Celebrity Stylist would probably never fully discuss her skin tone

Dabota Lawson

When you Google the ex beauty queen’s images, you’re likely to see a category titled “bleaching”.

The self proclaimed Billionaire Wife has been accused of bleaching her skin and recently, gossip blogger Linda Ikeji was set straight for trying to shade the pretty entrepreneur and her dark knuckles.

Before and after photos have also been put together in various collages and so we wonder, is this lighting or lightening?

Really, only Dabota can say. And that’s if she chooses to say.

The Ex Beauty Queen was shaded by gossip blogger because of her dark knuckles
The Ex Beauty Queen was shaded by gossip blogger because of her dark knuckles


Mo took time off to rebrand, get fit and to stay away from the Eldee/nude photo scandal that trailed her and threatened her career years ago.

But when she returned, she looked absolutely stunning and raised the question about what exactly happened to her skin color.

The Singer has never addressed the rumors, but that does not mean they’d go away as we have seen many times here.

But she does look amazing, or whatcha think?

The Singer has been asked about bleaching many times after she rebranded

Dayo Amusa

She is undoubtedly one of the biggest names from the Industry but she is also plagued with the bleaching controversy.

Years after coming into the Industry, Dayo Amusa’s skin tone became of major interest to the Public.

But like the others, the Actress has not confirmed it.

Dayo Amusa
Like the others, Dayo Amusa would probably forever ignore the speculations

What are your thoughts? Did these female celebrities bleach? Is bleaching different from skin toning? Does it matter whether or not they bleach?

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